221B Tactical Pants for Men – Best Stretch Jeans – Perfect EDC Asset Tactical Jeans

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WHY YOU NEED THEM The problem with most tactical pants is that they “look” like tactical pants. Even the “tactical jeans” available on the market today scream “look at me…I’m that tactical dude.” What You want is a pair of pants that are low key (in truth look like normal jeans) and can help you carry your EDC load-out in a low-vis manner. Couple this with a pair of jeans that are sleek and stylish (so you in truth look like you know a thing or two about fashion) and you’ve got The 221B Asset Jeans: The tactical pants that your lady would possibly not yell at you for wearing out to dinner. We live in a crazy world…and it’s getting crazier. You want to be ready no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Whether you’re wearing a t-shirt and sandals, a button-down and shoes, or a hoodie and boots, you need and need a pair of jeans that not only fit and look great, but also can help you have everything You want on your person so you are prepared for any situation…without letting the rest of the world know. HOW THEY WORK The Asset Jeans were designed like no other tactical pants available on the market today. With 13 strategically placed pockets and holders, The Asset Jeans offer a level of utility and versatility never before seen in a pair of tactical pants. Along with the 5 pockets traditionally found on jeans, The Asset Jeans offer 8 additional pockets to safe everything from large cell phones, wallets, pistol and rifle mags, EDC items and even a CCW when in a pinch. The Asset Jeans also feature the latest in stretch denim technology. Couple that with a gusseted crotch (for superior range of motion and man-spreading), tactical-stretch pocket linings and a strategic, comfort-stretch yoke (prevents plumbers crack) and you’ve got yourself a pair of the best and most comfortable tactical pants.

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