Rieker Men’s Espadrille Loafer

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With a new men’s low shoe from the current spring/summer collection by Rieker, any fashionable outfit can be complemented in a perfect and trendy way. The shoes from the Rieker brand are not only decorative, fashionable products. Their special properties make them more than that. Our special constructions and the lightweight and elastic components used make every shoe an anti-stress shoe. The special features are a minimum of weight, a high degree of flexibility (we speak about the ‘barefoot feel’), a fit that offers space where the volume of the feet increases during the course of the day and optimal shock absorption on different surfaces. Rieker shoes have different features than sports shoes, which are designed for short-term high performance in terms of design and construction. The performance of Rieker shoes is not measured by how fast they run or how high they jump, but by how good they feel in everyday life.

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