Lack of Color Women’s The Jacinto Palm Leaf Boater Sun Hat Price: $99.99 (as of 08/04/2024 00:04 PST- Details)


The new Jacinto style, easiest for the desert explorer. Our new paper straw woven sun hat includes a chin strap with bead toggle and sun freckle holes at the brim and crown. A beautifully crafted piece. If your hat becomes bent off form, You’ll easily reshape it the use of steam. The steam used will also be from a garment steamer (preferable) or an iron (the use of the steaming function). To flatten the brim, simply steam the under-brim of your hat and let it lay on a flat surface overnight or until dry. You’ll then also steam the top side of the brim and let it take a seat flat for a further time frame. To fix a dent within the crown, apply steam and use your hands to mould it into the desired shape, then let dry.

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